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Stream: Valley Creek

Date of Update: 7/8/2017

Author: TCO Bryn Mawr Staff

Highlight: We have been getting lucky with fairly decent rains every few days, but as is the norm on Valley, the creek is dropping back into its usual flows for this time of year a day or so after each rain event. Fishing the dropping water is usually a good idea.

Stream Level: 28

Clarity: Clear

Fishing Overview: Be prepared for the usual low and clear conditions as the water has just about leveled out again. The typical dry dropper setup is a great way to catch fish in most of these clear water situations on Valley. Keep an eye out for caddis as they should be hatching in numbers and for any BWO activity on the cloudier days. Midges randomly almost every day and terrestrials will play a major role on Valley for the next few months. With more people out fishing this time of year, approach and presentation become more important than ever on Valley. Stay low and out of the fish's line of sight whenever possible to give yourself the best chance of fooling these selective trout.

Specifics and Tips: Zebra midges, small pheasant tails, and baetis nymphs/emergers are the name of the game. Caddis patterns, both nymphs and dries, are an effective choice this time of year. 5X or 6X fluorocarbon for sub-surface fishing is always a plus. Longer casts with long leaders can make a big difference with spooky fish in clear water.

Hatches: Blue Wing Olives (18-24)
Midges (18-24)
Caddis (16-20)
Terrestrials (ants and beetles) (12-18)

Hot Patterns: Zebra Midges 18-22
Pheasant Tails 16-22
Caddis larva 16-20
BWO Comparaduns 18-22
Scuds 16-20
CDC Pop Emerger 16-20
Parachute Adams 16-20
Elk Hair Caddis 16-20

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