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Stream: Little Juniata

Date of Update: 4/27/2017

Author: TCO State College Staff

Highlight: LJ is in great shape. Grannoms, olives, midges and tan caddis are around on top. Plenty of opportunities nymphing. Reports are starting to come in of little yellow bugs in the air....

Stream Level: The Little J is running 296 cfs, average is 477 cfs

Water Temp: high 40's/low 50's

Clarity: Green

Fishing Overview: Lil J is just getting back to a fishable level. Grannoms are in full swing and fish are spread out and eating.

Specifics and Tips: Nymphing has been consistent throughout the day. Occasional BWO's and midges on top on warmer days. Grannom's should be on, swing some pupa and emergers. Carry sulpher patterns, they are starting.

Hatches: Grannom Caddis (12-14)
BWO (18-22)
Tan Caddis (12-16)
Midges (20-24)

Hot Patterns: Black Elk Hair Caddis(12-14)
Olive Deep Sparkle Pupa (12-14)
Tan Corn Fed Caddis (14-16)
BWO Sparkle Dun(18-20)
Zebra Midge(18-22)
Green/Olive Bird of Prey Caddis(14-18)
GD's Catnip (10-14)
Greenie Weenie (12-14)
GB Hares Ear (14-18)
BH Pheasant Tail (14-18)
Olive Slumpbuster (6-10)

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Conservation Note: ANGLERS VISITING OUR AREA: Specifically those of you who just fished the Delaware River (or other streams in the NY Catskill Region), the Farmington in Connecticut, or Maryland's Gunpowder River, Please clean your boots and waders with a diluted bleach solution OR hot water(must be over 140 degrees f) and laundry detergent - It must soak for at least 30 minutes to be effective. DIDYMO has been identified in these watersheds. Another option is to purchase a second pair of boots and waders to wear only in infected waters. It's the only sure way not to spread DIDYMO. Please be responsible - Don't spread DIDYMO TO Central Pennsylvania!

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