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Spruce Creek is known as the trout stream of Presidents. Many have come to fish its chalky limestone water which teems with huge brown and rainbow trout. But perhaps the most well-know is Jimmy Carter who continues to make pilgrimages to Spruce Creek each year. Spruce Creek is the Little Juniata River’s largest tributary, but unlike the “J,” nearly all of Spruce is privately owned. Penn State University maintains a small half mile stretch that is open to the public, but that’s where the open water ends. TCO is fortunate to offer access to a private section of Spruce Creek that holds some of the largest trout in the Eastern United States. But availability is very limited, so call quickly to assure your spot on some of the most exclusive and productive trout water in the country.
The Story: (Courtesy of Charles R. Meck - Pennsylvania Trout Streams and Thier Hatches - 2nd Edition)
Many consider George Harvey the greatest fly-fisherman in the country. He taught fly tying and fly casting to thousands of students and adults at Penn State University from 1934 to 1972 and coached two presidents-Eisenhower and Carter-on fly fishing. George fished Trico hatches long before any of us knew the hatch existed; he saw the first Tricos in 1927. By 1935 he was fishing the hatc almost daily on Falling Springs. George was the first to effectively imitate the olive-green Trico dun. George recently revolutionized fishing the Trico spinner fall by adding Krystal Flash to the spent wings of the spinner.

Recently Penn State University and the Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited designated the section owned by the school as the George Harvey Area. That's a fitting tribute to a man who has devoted so much time so fellow fly-fishermen can enjoy the sport even more.

Today, every morning from mid-July to late September, you find George fishing and studying the Trico hatch on Spruce Creek, as he has done since 1945. No one knows more about the Trico hatch and Spruce Creek than George Harvey. George has also experienced tremendous Green Drake, Sulphur and Blue-Winged Olive Dun hatches on this fertile central-Pennsylvania limestone stream.

Spruce Creek over the past half-century has evolved into mostly private water. Several fishing clubs own about ten of the stream's 15 miles, and several other areas around Franklinville contain private water posted by individual land owners. Despite the limited access, however, Spruce Creek is important because of the tremendous hatches on the stream, which produce activity all season, and becuase there are four stretches of water open to public fishing. Besides, Joe McMullen and Wayne Harpster own sections of the stream, and they allow fee fishing. If you get an opportunity try either of these two stretches of private water.
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